Established in 2015, Janwell Properties Sdn Bhd has carved a reputable name for itself in the Malaysian real estate industry over recent years.

The company has a proven track record of excellence, as evidenced by the multiple awards it has received. It earned the title of Dynamic Real Estate Agency in iProperty’s 2018 Agents Advertising Awards, and was also named Agency of the Year (Gold), Top Agency (Central Region) and Elite Project Marketing Agency by the same in 2017.

Since its inception, the company has successfully taken on many exclusive development projects including Tria Seputeh, Isola KLCC and Nadayu 801.
Janwell Properties takes pride in providing exceptional service to its clients. It seeks to deliver nothing but the best value in property investment, whilst exceeding the expectations and unique demands of each and every client.


With an extensive knowledge of the Malaysian property market and an established network of business connections, the team at Janwell Properties is able to effectively assist buyers or investors in securing top-notch property solutions that complement their financial goals.

The company upholds integrity in all of its dealings, consistently ensuring that its agents deliver on their promises. Headquartered in Equine Park, Seri Kembangan, Janwell Properties has now expanded its operations to include the primary and subsale property markets in Bangsar and Kepong.


Guided by the core values of integrity, diligence and determination, Janwell Properties seeks to impact and transform the Malaysian real estate industry, leading the way with high quality service and outstanding financial performance.


Janwell Properties aspires to offer world-class property management solutions that profitably connect developers and buyers/investors by effectively matching their needs to current market opportunities in order to maximise investment returns.


gavin new-01.png

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Gavin Lau Tse Cheh has always had a keen interest in the property market, and has successfully established himself in this field over the past 12 years. His extensive work expertise includes property financing for residential, commercial as well as industrial clients. A self-starter who enjoys a good challenge, he has proven his ability to clinch exclusive real estate deals time and again, earning him the respect of buyers, investors and property developers alike. It was Gavin’s aspiration to build a world-class property management team that led to the formation of Janwell Properties in 2015. Dedicated to delivering maximum returns for all company stakeholders, he is constantly sharpening his leadership and strategic planning skills through whatever means possible. He upholds honesty and impartiality in all that he does, and is respectful towards everyone he meets in the course of his work. His in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, coupled with his strong interpersonal skills has enabled him to train up a well rounded and highly motivated sales team at Janwell Properties. It is Gavin’s positive outlook on life, strong determination and willingness to learn that has shaped him into the CEO that he is today, ensuring a bright future ahead for Janwell Properties.


Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Kenneth Tan Kok Kin has a sound knowledge of the Malaysian real estate market, having worked in the industry since 2005. Armed with a positive attitude and a tenacious spirit, he has been chalking up impressive achievements all throughout his career. In 2010, he closed 37 deals in just one day. He was also the first in his agency to reach a total of RM100 million in sales within a period of just 6 months for a Tria Seputeh project. In 2019, he converted more than 130 units into sales over a period of 12 months. He is known for maintaining a high standard of integrity and professionalism in his business dealings. In addition, he invests a great deal of time and effort into building a strong team, and is committed to helping each and every member achieve their best performance. Kenneth joined Janwell Properties as Head of Marketing back in 2016, but has since been promoted to the role of Chief Operating Officer. He looks forward to forging many more exclusive partnerships with respectable local developers in the near future, as well as executing successful sales campaigns together with his team.


Branch Director


Kenny Lai Kiam Hiong has more than 7 years of experience in the property industry and is a high achiever when it comes to project sales. He believes that teamwork is the most important ingredient for success and prioritises maintaining healthy team dynamics over and above team expansion. At Janwell Properties, he has successfully raised up a team of almost 60 people, with more than half of them personally recruited by him. Despite being constantly occupied with project management responsibilities, he always makes time to look after those under his care, doing his best to understand their needs and offering help wherever required. Kenny says he feels most satisfied whenever he sees his team achieving their goals. He seeks to, in his own words, “build up fighters and help them achieve their dreams.” At Janwell Properties, Kenny’s strong interpersonal skills and remarkable sales acumen have consistently proven to be a valuable asset to the organisation. The patience and wisdom he brings to the table will definitely benefit all in his team, and rising stars in the company will certainly gain an opportunity to shine under his guidance.


Branch Director


Nicole Chua made the transition from a career in the pharmaceutical industry into the real estate business back in 2014, and has not looked back ever since. Having earned the status of a Registered Estate Agent in 2019, she has undoubtedly proven her capabilities in this field. In fact, it is because of her involvement at Janwell Properties that the company was able to set up its operations at the Bangsar branch. Persistence and diligence have been a hallmark of Nicole’s work ethic since the very beginning. She endured 4 years on probation before finally becoming a Registered Estate Agent. In order to earn this title, she was required to carry out several requirements which included keeping a daily logbook for a period of 2 years, completing 2 assignments and passing an oral interview. Since obtaining her license, she has moved on to achieve many greater things including closing a sale for an outstanding RM30 million which she accomplished in just a month. Nicole puts a lot of effort into building a close rapport with her clients and this is why they confidently place their trust in her. Now a Branch Director at Janwell Properties, she is poised to take the company to greater heights, with her expertise and enthusiasm further strengthening the capabilities of its management team.