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Every little thing at THE GRID appears to be deliberately well placed for good measure. Like works of an art maestro the surrounding blends intricately into a most modern building structure, serenely nestled within the lush greenery. Like the flow of a lady’s shawl, the seamless herbical shrubs and trees graciously wrap around THE GRID, while century-old acacia trees with their crowns of green foliage stand guard as sentinels in their shadows. Set against this, the linear man-made structure stands tall under the sky of purest blue, while the gentle wisp of jasmine and ylang-ylang fills the air.

As night falls, THE GRID peers over the glitter of the city skyline. Its population is cosmopolitan. Even though engulfed within the KL city, THE GRID appears hidden from its chaos and frenzy. Evenings are quiet, the pace is dreamy, leisurely, and unhurried. Everything is natural, nothing is strained. And above all, there is the impression of exclusivity in space and freedom.

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